Friday, 13 January 2012

Ode to my feet

ode to my feet

you are by far my favourite part of me
on tar on stone on sand in water
you have burnt blistered bled and bounced
you have carried me through cities forests and grasslands
over coastlines deserts and mountains
shoes have tried to contain you
but your wild spirit keeps kicking them off
you feel the harshness and the smoothness of the land
you set in motion my muscular exploration of space
through you i feel the lightning of life
you are the first to touch the ground every morning i climb into day
i have fallen in love with you
of all my parts you are the least fearful
you show courage - sometime even more than my heart
there are times you tiptoe and sneak silently around corners
yet you do not flinch blush or hesitate
if i prayed i would not pray with my hands
 i would pray with you
my feet
you are the direct route to my soul

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