Wednesday, 3 August 2011

on the thought of unconditional love

shakespeare once wrote Love is not love which alters / when it alteration finds / or bends with the remover to remove / Oh no, it is an ever fixed mark / that looks on tempests and is never shaken  
it says something quite beautiful but it is rather lost in idealism that smells of suspect romanticism.
so now i start thinking of it - unconditional love.

to love
without conditions
without face
without fluid body
without beauty
without heart
without smell
without appeal or allure
without sound
without frown
without desire
without form

we love within conditions, even if it is at times such perfect imperfect conditions
there is no way that can i love unconditionally - no no NO!
unconditional love has no skin
no touch
no feel
no drunkeness
no fire
no thirst
no animal
no madness
no intoxification
no instinct

what WHAT
do i want to do with such love?

the You
the I
are a condition that throbs with
conditional breathing
conditional blood
conditional sensuality
conditional hormonality

can i love the You unconditionally?
can you love the Me unconditionally?
free of space?
devoid of time?

can i love
the You without that look
the You without that depth of questing living
the You without voice
without skin
without head
without existence

then only can i love the You
 - unconditionally -
when the You and the I
have stopped

and do i want that?
do I REALLY want to love unconditionally?

no, not me.

we are too alive to live unconditionally
to love unconditionally

i might have no religion
i might have no eternity
i might have no definition for what love is

but i have dependence on
my essense as
living being
i have sense
i have need
and that makes me out of love
with unconditional love

i will be liar
i will be charlatan
if i announce love to function unconditionally
unconditional love is that love
for the blind romantic idealists
 - save their souls –
that love for the dedicated religious fanatics
 - save their souls too !

give me rather love full of groping
and precarious conditions
i want to get drunk
on an overflow of 
strivingly changing tempestuous temperamentality
i want to get lost and found in such 
finely cut imperfect conditions

to be able to love within the bounds of conditions
means much more than loving in the limbo-istic space of unconditionalilty

i'll celebrate conditional love
on condition
that it is a love that acknowledges its limits
its un-eternity
so that we do not cling,
do not mould
love into an unfathomable pit of unconditions.
conditions is ultimately
what makes us love and live.

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