Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Voices in Song

Voices in song

let the voices of the world
be fire in our souls
let the voices of the world
be water in our mouths
let it sing into the agelessness of time
and make us believe we are beauty
we are sun we are river
we are stone we are air
we are that which gives us life

let the voices of the world
teach us to feel
to burn
to flow
to be utterly alive

let our voices rise
like the flame rises
like the tide rises

we are life
we are elemental
we are voices that sing
that weep
we are voices that
come alive
as soon as
breath is born

the vast space begs to be filled
with that sweeping line of voice
that colours space with that wondrous harmony
that is so strongly at home in our soul

let the voices vibrate
let the voices cascade through our souls
and let us live livelier than ever before

let the voices break through the forests
break through the ocean
let fish and bird hear we can
resonate with song just as they can do

i want to be there where the soul sings
because of this life’s blessedness
let us give love through our voices
let us share this voice we have had from birth

silence is blessed
yet singing is more so
it is a resonating of the soul
a baptizing within that vibration that gives life
to our hearts and minds

the voice moves like flame
searching for air and when it is released
it gushes forth like a new spring
the voice of fire
the voice of river
let it not be silenced
let it sound
let it burn
let it flow

we can sing
we want to sing
we need to sing

if we raise our voices, let it be in song

1 comment:

  1. "let fish and bird hear we can
    resonate with song just as they can do"

    yes yes! we at the bottom layer, this is our empowerment, we have been waiting and have been servile for too long. we are closer to the animals, we can STILL SING!