Saturday, 24 August 2013

Earth Pods

Photographer Werner Strauss has recently sent a few pictures he captured a few weeks after the AfrikaBurn festival of Kim Goodwin's wattle structures, The Earth Pods. With the photos he sent us a very moving letter expressing his gratitude for our contribution to the festival. It really touched both Kim and I to receive the words and images from Werner. 

It is the first photos we have seen with clean and clear space - no tents or costumed merrymakers in the back or foreground. 
Sun, shadows and textures perfectly captured.
Thank you Werner for this gift.

I have been penning down several bits of writing inspired by the Earth Pods but could not get anything off the ground. With the arrival of these photos something just clicked and the poem started to come together:

with hands we make things
of the earth
and for the earth
we weigh
we measure
we lift
we bend
we pull
we stretch
we hit
we weave
make nests for our creativity
and so the Earth Pods have risen
they have come to life
and stand on their own three feet
independent and strong 
slightly ruffled by the wind
but never blown down
a wee bit stirred by the onlooker's wonderment
but never collapsing
lightly rustled by questionings of what they are
but never limited by any speculation 
they be anything the sky wants them to be - 
deep ocean creatures
bustling microbes
alien spacecrafts
the sound of kissing
seeds picked from our souls
restless fertility
a tolbos tumbled by the winds
the fingerprints of the gods
nests for our wandering souls
fruits from the spheres
wooden syllables spelling poetry in the sky
moving filaments seen on the insides of our closed eyes
the mating dance of desert wind and sand


listen, they are singing with
the vocal cords
forsaken trees
hold them in the blink of your eye
they are treasures of the earth

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