Tuesday, 9 August 2016


for Martin Wolfhaardt and his jazz band Offshore

synaptic cyclones spark
iridescently in my brain
blisschievous fucking that swoons in
the turbulent waves
making chaotic sense of beauty that has
never been so alive as in these sounds of
sax bass piano and drums

be ready because
it will helix you
and swallow you
into the first hole of existence
boldly filling every crevice of body and space
with orgasmic beats

the blizzard of tone clusters
remap the constellations
my guts tremble shake and reshape
with the driving bass vibrating its
obsidian deep through my buttocks
trancing and spinning me off of my axis

the sounds envelope me like a cave
i can smell the dark mossy corners
encapsulating these momentary strains of
spontaneously masterminded music 
into delicious fever pitch delirium

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