Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A great connection

I am staying over for a few days at the home of a good friend, Maggie Verster. She is The One who has rigged me up with my blog, my facebook, twitter and gmail and helped to set-up my blackberry to perform like a mini-wizard! We met in Hogsback where she is based for some weeks in a year. For the rest of the time she lives with her family in Jozi and she opened up her home for me whenever I pass by. She has wonderful wifi connection so I can connect, update and upload to my heart's content. 

Maggie is an Educational Technology Specialist. For REAL. Can you imagine someone like this crossing my path? I am blessed to the max! It is one of those relationships one can so easily take for granted, because of the free flow of interaction. Yet I need to send a special note of gratitude to her. I can run to her with almost any technological heart ache and she will find a remedy! I know you are reading (and administering) my blog, so you will read this, dear Maggie.

Maggie and I connect in a wonderfully flowing and comfortable way. She is such a spirited and enthusiastic woman. In her company any mood of heaviness and despondency evaporates. She has been a great support to me. If I can call anyone a fan of mine, she is definitely it - the best you can possibly imagine! Around her I feel the confidence of a lion on the hunt. As an artist astir with so many mind and body flights she has a way of reconnecting many of my loose running threads. Initially we had passionate dialogue about the pros and cons of cyber-networking. Before I met her I was rather reactionary about the whole C-generation and its workings. To be honest, I was simply uninformed.

Only two months ago I started to accept all my Facebook requests, tweeting and blogging. Lo and behold, I am now quite addicted...I love photographs, writing and communication... so all these tools were created for me!!! I understand why I rebelled against it – the fear of being sucked in.. And ooipelooi I am so sucked in!! I love crossing boundaries. It was bound to happen to step into this realm!

Maggie > ek onthou my en jou dialoog aan die begin  >

ek se banaal
jy se kommunikasie
ek se ydelheid
jy se opvoeding
ek se tentakels
jy se omhelsing

jy het vir my 'n wereld oopgemaak wat my eers skrik op die lyf gejaag het.
'n wereld wat my dizzy, f*kkin dizzy maak.
maar sonder druk of stoot het jy my in die wonder web ingetoor.
ja hierdie wereld toor met my kop
dit maak my duiselig
dit oorweldig my
dit stimuleer my eindeloos
 - ek sit tot wie weet watter ure in die oggend op jou wifi -
dit daag my uit
dit verskuif my grense
dit laat my ril van plesier
'n wereld met nimmereindigende poorte
wat my soos Alice – weirdly wonderful – laat voel

I feel so well connected – on so many levels – thank you,  Maggie. You are much loved and appreciated!

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  1. Dearest Lara!!

    Thanx for my poem- I don't think anyone have ever written a poem for me!!! Like you with your poetry and music, getting people to embrace technology in a life strengthening way is my passion especially when it comes to teaching and learning and you have so much to teach and share with us. It is my own private little thrill to facilitate the move from an "anti" to an "ant-e". So thanx for coming through for me and proving yet again that technology can enrich what we are doing.

    The next lesson is now going to be to "teach" you how to manage the emerge-tion (e-tentacles). But for now I am going to leave you to enjoy it until you are ready to just get away from it all- if you ever can again....:-)

    PS: The technological reflection of how I created the virtual framework for Lara's techno-frame can be found on my work blog here: