Friday, 24 June 2011

To my fellow Afrika Burners - a poem for you all

I miss my Burning Family so much. You have crept deep into my heart.

I want to share a poem with you

The Pulse of Fire

from this wild dance i stumble over my feet
the wild energy
still clinging around my calves
i tiptoe guardedly with
the pulse of fire that pumps firelight through my veins
it can only be fertile fire
that is so alive
and colours my blood red-hot
so that I can look out over the plains
like newly fired clay
and feel decades of survive
beating through my blood
the fever of the will charges through the flaming tunnels
with an insistent rhythmica
it reforms my feet into
primitive pulsations of dance
that flames over the skin of earth
tautly strung muscles tremble ritualistically
like resonating songs over vocal chord and plains
yes, indeed! fire's captured energy knows no equal
fire speaks in one language
that all clay and skin fathom without cerebrality
it is the embrace of fire
that teaches us to love
it is the unrest of fire
that teaches us to know no peace
unquenchable phrases of fire
siss steam sing

fired body is now alone,
in her vitrified melancholy,
so fiercely alone

photo: Francois le Roux

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  1. We love you fire tribe-sister; our warmth is far from where you are only till our pilgrimage home again to sacrifice and renew together on our desert altar