Thursday, 1 December 2016


i learnt a new word today
a most beautiful word
the act of performing marvels or 
magic or miracles 
especially by incantation
i know fully that one can churn and stir magic with
mouth and word
the sinking of the teeth into each syllable
the licking of the lips to renew the moisture of
excited lips in poetic speech
the throat thrusting at the utterance of a metaphor
the tongue whirling wildly in the conjuration of wonders
the rhythmic pull tugging the strings of your soul
the heart that can not beat fast enough
to keep up with the ephemeral words in flight
what joy to the mouth 
to elocute thaumaturgy
what bliss for ears to receive these intonations
and stir up images and dreams
desires and realities
fears and shames 
strengths and triumphs
i will keep on saying thaumaturgy
type it out again and again so that my fingers 
can feel each letter with eyes closed
t h a u m a t u r g y 
t h a u m a t u r g y 
i will utter it over and over so that each syllable
spell the magicality of the word
and let me never forget that there is magic 
in the spoken word
marvelosities in the poetic phrase
and never stop believing that one can perform miracles 
with the softest whisper of a single potent verse

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