Tuesday, 11 July 2017

as my feet

as my feet break through the grass to 
get to the footpath leading to the ocean
my eyes trail off to the sky
the blue brightness seemingly happy
to see my heart so a-love

i love you beyond surety and unsurety
in the swirlest swirl of ocean waves
i tumble with my love for you
i lose touch with the earth 
my feet rise by its own wild dangling
the way i walk today
i can not hide the way my feet 
have fallen in love with you over 
and over again with each step into 
the beyondness of our love

my feet are frozen from the wintry walk on the beach
i want to get out of this wind and
phone you to let my voice ripple into you ears 
and your eardrums to feel the new beat of this love

i feel  not a pinch of pain as i start running
from sheer exuberance over the knobbly tarmac
my skin is so alive in this numbing cold
i see my heart running ahead of my chest
my body can not go as fast and fierce as 
my heart leaping toward the voice of you

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