Friday, 25 October 2013

the breathing is informing the writing

(i literally wrote each verse line between my breaths, taking conscious note of breath, thought and the writing hand)

i write according to my breath
a deep in
and a deep out
get a rhythm in the inflow
and get a release in the outflow
in this one sentence i see the blue skies of my soul
and in this outbreath i see the rushed footsteps
of wanting-to-let-go
one sentence and the next
aaah aaah
with the in comes the expectation,
the hope, the balance of air
on the tightrope of thought
aaah aaah
let me breathe, please let me breathe
like swimming underwater
i hold my breath throughout the verse-line
aaah aaah
come on, don't breathe mid-sentence
aaah aaah
more than tightroping,
this is hanging on for dear life
aaah aaah
i can only write so fast
and think so fast before my breath runs out...
aaah aaah
measure           pace   each   phrase     with      flowing        elegance
aaah aaah
this is not emptying-the-mind-exercising
aaah aaah
this is tuning and toning the brainflow of poetry
aaah aaah
what could i have done without the
aaah aaah
without the
aaah aaah
there'd be no life
no outflow
aaah aaah
clinging onto the pen
while the breath lasts
my mind begins to empty
with this breath
am i getting lazy, sleepy
to create the next thinking, poetic breath?
aaah aaah
interesting to watch how the breathing
is informing the writing
aaah aaah
this is literal conscious breathing
so fully conscious of the in-breath
that it makes sentences come
floating in on my dizziness
aaah aaah
be kind to your breathing
be kind to your organs of breath
don't force the breath
let it hang
suspend itself on the top of your metaphor
aaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaah
that was a long breath
beautiful circle of the in and out
in and out merges
and this poem

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