Thursday, 29 September 2016

waxing lyrical

one refrain that will keep on singing from my heart
is the unnamed joy in the sensation of confident happiness
it is closely linked to a texture of life
a smell
a fully fledged nostril sensification of this awesome reality
it is in moments like these that immortality licks the throat
one can envision foreverness in the pursuit of all things beautiful
and heart-poundingly rich
i will not lie down when this effervescence sits so
close to my throat
it makes me rise in a lightness wanting to explore all 
the corners of the sky
let alone all the corners of the earth
i will make a study of all the twist and turns of metaphors
and search for an elegance of word contours that flank
the mountains deep into the heart of adventurous verbaciousness
it will be a sight to behold!

the refrain keeps on ringing in my soul
let me cling onto the faith of words
insatiably intertwined in my veins and fibres
let me never rest from this pursuit

it is in the harmonies of words that i will find resonance that
will keep the bells ringing mellifluously
into the honeycombs of my cells

let me not stop with the weaving
somewhere a combination of thread and texture 
will reveal a beautiful line of my own making
what more enriching thing is there?

once again hear the refrain in my heart
it is going to be a beautiful day in the sky
golden lines serpentining around clouds
spelling their own poetry
in their own unbounded rhythm

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