Wednesday, 29 March 2017

i beg of you

i beg of you -  Lemons, Pelargonium, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Iron, Zinc, Propolis and Vita C
who i downed this morning in my throat, please do not disappoint me
it is perhaps overkill, yet i need overkill this morning,
my lungs and rib cage  do not like this feeling
i scream at the top of my voice:
i need overdose, overdo, over-the-top - i have no choice  -
my chest is a battlefield on which a thousand and more trooping coughs
are bombing my breathing department and turning my energy into a thousand sloths
what if mister Cough never lets me win?
argh, i absolutely refuse to be bogged down and phlegmed in!

four years of coughing is four years too long!
Cough, i have changed my diet for you, even singing you a song
my sleep pattern runs according to your whip
what more can i do for you, strip?
you sneak in anywhere you like
would it please you if i pass you the mic?
you who so like to interrupt my every second sentence
you are really starting to annoy me with you raucous presence
you frazzle my chest, dizzy my brain
o you are such a freakin' pain
you have simply overstayed your welcome
it is time to get going now, you cumbersome scum
yes! Cough, get thee gone
before i wring your neck with this song
come on, go now, before  my insides burn
why don't you take a holiday, and never return?
do not hesitate or procrastinate
for if you'll wait,  i will turn into a more unstable state
do not ask me why or how
the time has come for your occupation of my lungs to end NOW! 

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