Wednesday, 5 April 2017

evolved to be distracted

i invite Distraction
welcoming it with open arms!

come all ye Flickering Adds
on screens and highways and pages 
you skim over my eyeballs
scheming to break my composure
come all ye Dogs' Barking 
in neighbourhoods far and wide
you tear my silence
plotting to crack my self-possession
come all ye Drip Drip Dripping of Leaking Taps
you split my patience
devising to cut through my serenity

i invite Distraction
welcoming it with open arms!

i let it through my doors 
open for it to shake my equilibrium
i invite all the Wifi and Smartphones 
the Radios and Televisions
the Earphones strangling ears
Youtube    Friend Requests
Photos     Links    Hashtags      Memes masterminding
to fracture my poise and peace of mind
these attention-grabbers might exasperate madden and agitate others
but not me

bleep! bleep! 
hey, there is a New Mail in my Inbox
let me quickly go have a look and see if it will rupture
my steady coolness
no it doesn't 
ping! ping! ooooh another Whatsapp coming in
my tranquil placidity remains clear as bells

let me listen to all the animated descriptions of 

other People's Parties Holidays and Adventures
i am not thrown off balance
i absorb all their experiences without 
a ruffle of my feathers

oh, and there's the tune of the Washing Machine
concocting to nag, bother and burden me
i go hang the clothes in peaceful quietude without 
a single flicker of distress on my eyelids

oh my, look at all the Dirty Dishes 
strategising to pester and plague my serenity
and the great bedeviller and provoker Mister Fridge 
always maneuvering itself to have me fling open its doors
i will not let my calm stability 
be harassed and ambushed in any way

an invasion of Distractions designed to accost me daily
scheming to push my buttons and rattle my cage
yet my stoic constancy remains undisturbed

i invite Distraction
welcoming it with open arms

the isle with Newspapers screaming Invasive Headlines at me
and the Chips and Chocolates perfectly placed to trip my mindfulness
it is not working
i am basking in a perfect state of ataraxia

as i go down the street the Cars and Trucks connive and conspire to 
deluge and irk me 
my coolheaded harmony pumps bubbles in my feet
i rise above the frenetic city
and its torrents of Smells and Noise
i fly further and further away from 
any entrapment and bombardment of my equanimity

aha, and so this poem is contrived to needle you in your side
definitely to distract you and egg on 
your envy and annoyance at my great forbearance

                                          who am i kidding?
                                          let me come out with it
                                          it is all make-believe and pretense
                                          simply to survive i have to feign imperturbability

i am human just like you
bewildered, flustered, fragmented, 
deranged, sidetracked, unhinged, 
upset, mystified, disoriented,
rattled, unsettled and simply dazed by
the onslaught of Damnable Distractions

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