Monday, 10 April 2017

the silence we have given each other today

as i step into the print shop busy with something on my phone
i notice the young lady behind the counter also 
tapping away on her phone
it has been an overwhelming day for me 
and in the tired look in the lady's eyes 
it seems like she also had a tough day
in that moment i knew i could not 
overwhelm her with my overwhelmedness
i put my phone away
forgot about the prints i wanted done
and told her not to worry about helping me
i will just stand here in front of her
demanding nothing
just our silence
at first she looked a bit dazed
i simply kept quiet and held her in my eye
within a few moments she got what i was doing
and also put away her phone
and just looked at me
people were coming in and appeared awkward
to witness this silent interaction
a serene smile was starting to tingle on our lips
we kept our composure
relishing the silence we have given each other today

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