Tuesday, 5 May 2015

nothing will stop the sinking III

the interminable offence has a way to spread all 
the sullen pens’ scratching over the flushed serviette
no one dares to blink in this pronounced awkwardness

as days go on we are becoming more despotic
but we don’t see the pillars crumbling (in a whisper:
our conquest is very much the same as that of our enemies)

do your enquiring and if you have to your interdicts
you will soon notice how steadfastly we cheat ourselves
the crows and goats don’t hang around us for nothing!

it is way easier to be snug in your woolen trousers
and view the helter-skelter from your comfortable angle
your blithe state of mind will hopefully give the answers you want
the city’s metallic incandescence 
bleats in 
the babies’ eyes

     this fanatical herding 
     of words
     needs to stop

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