Wednesday, 16 September 2015

it is yours

what if i have not created this poem?
what if you, dear reader, are the creator 
imagining this poem within the iridescent figments of your mind?
yóú are composing the metaphors the rhythm and the rhyme
it is actually you through whose spit these words slice
i am not standing here writing this poem
if you see someone other than you writing this poem
then well done to your runaway imagination!
these syllables breaking open in your eyes
are the lights in your synaptic genius
it is not i who have written this poem
your neurolinguisticality
is helixing this poem together
making you smile that smile that only a poem can make you smile
stand up and be counted as the one
who have thought out this piece of poem
fuck do not blame me for this poem
it is yours
take responsibility for it
as soon as you have owned up to it
take it in both your hands and run with it
take it in your mouth and shout with it!

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