Friday, 30 October 2015


Here is an English translation of an Afrikaans poem I wrote a year ago. It is one of those poems that came pouring out in one sitting. I love re-reading and performing it. I have been reluctant to post the translation, simply because I prefer the Afrikaans version. Anyway, let me put the translation out here as well <


there hides a desire in the depths
that quietly waits  - dormantly ecstatic
it is haunting how the spark
begins to tremble with the anticipation of the arrival
of the creative tornado
the soil is rich
look how we pour the deeply-sunken metals
from the primordial crucible
my clay-body resonates with the volcanic eruption
with this blood that does not stop flowing
throbs the pulsation of the imminent celebration
the crests of the waves hang for a few moments
longer in the silver shine of the sun
my hair stands on end
from all the voices that encircle me

so full of life is organica
so many waves in each day
so much mercurial spinning in the brain
the search for satiation knows no end
the heart keeps on whirling even when the void comes knocking on the door

the ground gets cold in the winter
the tracks are blown away
yet the life keeps on quaking
the primordial becomes older
the incantations become more contrapuntal
and the limbs become swifter
in these days that grow wings so rapidly

the elements are merciless
how they break down the skin
still the pulse remains deep and strong
the willpower is undaunted
in the fight against the shame
against the fear
against the flesh
against the dark

every morning my spine thaws
and truly, it is my wings that keep on stirring
right into the primordial nucleus
of sensation of the embryonic darkness that
luckily has enough throat
to groan with the stubborn will of flight

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