Friday, 5 July 2013

An Odious Ode to Writer's Block

Oh, how Cunning and Pernicious Thou art
Acting like a Real Despicable Upstart
You make me Gobsmacked and Tongue-Tied,
How dare you walk with such a Confident Stride?
You leave me Dumbfounded and Thunderstruck,
How can you have Such Incredible Luck!

Why oh why dost Thou on mine Battery Piss
and Hope I doth not see your Astutely Insidious Underhandedness?
Thou dare'st come Wam Bam sit right under my Nose
and Unshamefacedly keep up your Neat Little Pose
Admirable in your Sly and Stealthy Way
You force me into this Battlesome Fray

At first I was quite Delirious with thy Heavy Hand numbing my Skull
I could not believe that You Vile Creature could make me so Positively Dull
When I discovered that It wasn't due to Lack of Concentration
I fell into a Quagmire of Dire and Dreadful Desperation
I stood up from my Bed, the Anger licking at my Spit
Arrrrggh, come what may, I have to climb out of this Slippery Dark Pit!

By now I knew for Certain and Without a Shadow of a Doubt
- In Great Earnestness I gave an Inflamed and Vehement Shout -
that I must refuse to be His Damned and Docile Slave
And by mine Own Reason and Wit should step away from his Encumbering Cave
As much as He tries to keep up with his Plotting and Scheming
I will Tenaciously keep Scribbling, and Beware, I will do it Screaming!

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