Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Cross Roads II

Under an overhang of trees the Prehistoric Postal Agent stops and wonders
"Where have the Cross Roads gone?"
He has not seen it for days now.
"How am I to reach the right address to deliver the news without the Cross Roads?"
At the end of the overhang the dewdrops start to evaporate
and causes a play of light that startles the Prehistoric Postal Agent to his wits' end.
"Can this be the Second Coming?"
From behind the biggest tree the Wretch comes stumbling.
"No, you idiot, that is the Universal Hunger playing tricks on your brain!"
The Prehistoric Postal Agent, thinking that only he is the Carrier of Strange and Wonderful News retorts:
"Oh, come now, how dare you carry this news with such flippancy,
step around my toes and not on them, please."
The Wretch, not taken aback, continues reading the news.
"And so it has happened that under the overhang of trees the Prehistoric Postal Agent has been arrested for Universal Arrogance. He has to appear in the World Court of Fair and Gentle Speak by the end of the week."
The earth starts rumbling and shaking as the Cave-Dweller steps from under the trees.
"There is no such a thing as a Court of Any Sort. We live in a world where the winds rule over what's fair and right."
The Wretch couldn't believe his luck, for the first time someone is speaking up for him.
In the distance the Carillon rings in this odd and new occurrence.
This wakens the Anarchist's deep and long sleep on the tree's top branch.
He eyes the activities down below and can not help sniggering "How long they take to learn."
The Wretch jumps onto the tree and shakes off all the remaining dew drops.
"No!" shouts the Prehistoric Postal Agent "you can not do that!  You will be arrested for Universal Upset!"
The Loner has been viewing this mad interchange from up above on his lonely hill
"Why get involved in anything? It is enough to be audible to only oneself."
Overhearing the Loner's thoughts, the Carillon replies: "On the contrary, I believe one needs to ring for all to hear!"

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