Monday, 15 July 2013

our worryphernalia knows only dustbinfinity

my eyes fimble through the dustilicious pages of historical hysteria
i break out in one great sneezery and just hravoc  between the syllaletters
what! you say i am in a farcy mood?
no way! i am simply having these lightbulbous moments
where i can really grisp the true meaning of generous profunding
it is a pity that our cellphonish gadgeteering
make us so ice-so-lated and
our worryphernalia knows only dustbinfinity
ah, come on, what has happened to your blisschievousness?
our tongues need to return to its original tasticality
rather than pwonder the queerific state of things
i snaddle up onto the bed
and do some proper blanketeering
i get so snozy that you might want to climb in with me
meaning you'll have to lift the sheets and open a fartinquiry 
to which i will laugheringly smol in your face!

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