Thursday, 18 July 2013

and i'll huff and i'll puff till i blow my igloo down

in the preposterous situation of wanting everything and nothing all at the same time
the waves in my brain fluctuate at undesirable intervals
energy gushes from my muscles
I can not keep still
the unsatisfaction is draped all over my face
like falling cutlery my heart clatters loudly throughout my body

enough of this raucousness!

i fancy a bit of peace and quiet within the mineshafts of my soul

don't you have the right flame to ignite a longlasting fire within my soul?
or maybe you have an amplifier through which my meek little being can sound from
each thought, sight and dream have such verisimilitude
i used to grab all of the possibilities in fear of missing out
i simply understand that my mind works on a concatenation of poetic and unpoetic ideas
but where o where can I give life to this process in a new light?
must i conflagrate before I can rise anew from the ashes?
or maybe i am just living at the wrong altitude giving my blood a less than boisterous flow
and causing my nerves to jitter from morning till night
ah, can't the gods drip a bit of clemency over my head?
these blank page feelings are getting rather distasteful
it really puts me in such an egregious light that makes all the vile juices inside
my guts to foment into one hell of a revolution
now you ask what is the gist of all of this?
why all this huffing and puffing till i blow my igloo down?
you suggest i go for a weekend away to the karlsbad springs –
that might sort out the fomentation
and will inspire me to pen down a mellifluously sounding poem on the white winged lepidopterans
i will cease biting my nails and all orthopaedic worries will be a thing of the past

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