Saturday, 20 July 2013

Ode to the Avocado

There is
no other green
in the world
that carries
your texture
and your taste.
Fingers linger on
your skin
waiting restlessly for
the ripening
your perfect softness.
Knives and spoons,
tongues and teeth
can not wait to break through to 
the moist velvet heart of you.

Of all fruits
your beckoning
is the strongest.
There is immediate
between you and
us, the tongue bearers.
You are irresistible -
fingers flock to your silken
and pebbly skin
desperately wanting
to press and

When you cross
our paths with
your elliptical glossiness
the eating
of you
is inevitable.

Oh, Avocado, how you make
the mouth
a better place!
You are
the great tropical berry,
filling mouths and stomachs
with rich and nutty oils.
You are the globe
green peace

You unite
the disparity
in the salad bowl.
Cucumber, tomato,
lettuce, basil, olive oil,
lemon, black pepper and salt
make more sense with you around
What is tortillas, sushi,
crisp hot bread, pizza and
without you?

you mix
You make
a celebration
of every meal.

Independent, well-defined,
and dignified - 
you are a meal on your own too.

Oh, Avo, you make the kitchen complete!

You are the king of fruits.
One whiff of you opens
soft, wet and
mossy forests around me.

Hanging from your tree
you lighten up the sun.
And how is it that you are 
than butter?

We want to hasten our patience
and stow you away in
brown paper bags, newspapers
and dark corners of baskets and pots
steering you into ripeness,
yet you have your own rhythm
that beats to your own season

Your name even sings with warm
and open syllables -
A spelling sheer wonderment,
Vo signifying your eternal invogueness,
Ca sounding the thrill that careers through
the throat when a slice of you hits the tongue and
Do closing like a soft meadow on
all these sensorical richnesses.

And oh, let us not forget your majestical pip -
the seed that fills out the shape
of your pregnant belly.
When you are sliced open
your pip suddenly exposed and fragile,
wrinkly and papery, 
you cling on to the juicy flesh
refusing to let go of the fruit of life.

Oh, Avocado,
you make 
my mouth complete.
You dissolve
my inner conflicts.
I can not eat you alone,
I always want to share you.
With you on my plate
I can believe in
brotherhood again,
with you on my tongue
I can believe in
life again

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