Friday, 13 February 2015

ode to the shiver

where do you come from?
all of a sudden out of nowhere
you shake and spread from
my spine through the flanks of my back
up my neck 
through my head and 
down my arms to
each follicle of skin
rising open and out into
the very tips of my hair

be it cold, empathy or music
you are the palpability of these
bodiless and ephemeral things
you are the bridge between
the intangible and the tangible
oh shiver, you are evidence that our bodies
are catchments for the invisible
the enigmatic power of sound and feeling
made manifest in the surge called
the shiver that all sentient beings can feel

oh shiver you make me believe in
the reconciliation of body and soul
how the invisible filters through our cells
you are the sign that passion sparks us into vitality
flashing and inciting
a spontaneous biological phenomenon through
our neural pathways

our temperaments will keep on seeking stimulation
for that physical shudder that quakes
our instinct to feel and be alive
how these shivers capriciously delight our anatomy
when the organic and psychic melt into each other
these little quivers electrify our bodies
and on a trip of imagination one can incarnate
the sensual into various states of shivering being

this impulse to shiver right into
our sensory somatic selves
reveal our ability to transcend our weighty carnality
and rise with thrilling lightness

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