Thursday, 16 April 2015

and so i can only keep running

and so i can only keep running on with all that i am
through labyrinths of letter and sound
through blood dances and filtrated information
through frames of technologica and self-images
blinding fears, genetica and freedoms
through sorrow and flowers
through choirs of wild voices
through african soil and mirrors
and always through love
i run and push my way through
how can i stop when such a path lies under my feet?
i search incessantly for satiation in this mercurial organica
how rich are the depths that my feet feel in that
sprinting splitting moment
i thrust through with my whole being
with winds chanting around my calves
words boiling and insurgent in my jowls
i weave my way through dark and light
sometimes seeing, sometimes blind
i can not but quake with this tenacious willpower
to tread over the uncertainties of skin and mind
stitching together the scattered remnants of ecstasy still found
in the pristine crevices of the heart

1 comment:

  1. ah what a great poem Lara! So empowering. Keep living, feeling, writing as deep and far as you do.