Sunday, 19 April 2015

I will face the City

i stand waiting for The City to come to rest
waiting for the sun to fall down west
and when the darkness comes
i refuse to leave
i will face The City
hear her cry
hear her lullaby
i must resist my need to turn my back on her
however her breath smells
i will face The City
whatever dress she wears
i will face her
face her tears
hear her song
look her in the eye
do not lose sight of her
who can be more full of willful life than her -
she who can breathe through steel and concrete
i will not delay my greeting her with my breath and body
for she keeps on nourishing from her sooty breasts
i will suckle now because feeding season is fleeting
and hold my peace a little longer in this momentary meeting


  1. This City is surely Jhb?
    Great poem and photo Lara - is that you in the photo?

    1. hi Chris,
      thanks for your comment. Your guess is spot on - it is Jozi and yes, it is me in the pic.