Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Mountain Man

    for Kim  

Out there is a man who loves the mountains 
In his eyes I see reflected the glinting grit of quartz  
In his feet flames the heat of deeply sunken volcanoes 
From his shoulder-blades flare out wings fashioned out of the mountain winds 
In his hands he holds the healing mists of the valleys 
Down his spine cascade the waterfalls of emerald green gorges 
Through his veins ripple the spirits of the berg rivers
In his thighs shake the magnificent thunderstorms 
On his forehead trembles the fierce energy of the high peaks 
In his heart beats the pulse of the earth 
keeping him ever tuned-in to the wild nature of the mighty mountains  

... and this man I love 
he keeps reminding me of my love 
for these wild and free places

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