Monday, 4 July 2011

when a calligrapher and poet meet

photos: anja wiehl & andrew van der merwe

How does a calligrapher flatter a poet? by calligraphing her poem in the beach sand of Plettenbergbay. Andrew wrote/calligraphed a line of my poem Afrika-gedig into the sand (photo in the middle right). the line reads as follows:  met hierdie gedig wil ek nie sin maak nie.

And what a sense of humour this calligrapher has! I just HAVE to share one of our dialogues we engaged in on facebook: (Afrikaans-speakers will specifically enjoy the word-play)

A: i must object to being called a calligra-fist :)
L: okay, what wld you like to call yourself?
A: Calligraphile
L: ah, i like that!
A: Kalli-grappie?
A: Call me a calligrapher or I'll give you the calligfinger
L: LOL, you so funny i can not focus on my blog post... but keep them rolling and kielie-graphing my delighted laughing muscles!

Andrew's work is astounding. Go have a look at more of his work at

andrew with his calli-tools (photos: alison bannister)

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