Friday, 1 July 2011

The Elusive Spring

I met a land artist, Simon Bannister at the First International Land Art event, hosted in Plettenbergbay, 22-29 May. Our hearts are very much in the same place - in the wild elements of nature. I want to write so much about him. Yet I think for now I will let the poetry speak for now : we engaged in a poetic dialogue playing the roles of various "elemental characters". Here his re-mix of the dialogue>

The Elusive Spring (remix) by NATURE

I am the seed ignited with soular light
budding with urgency to taste my kindred elements tonight
Long I've travelled to find the sweet truth of the African dust
The dark waters of your trust

I am that ripple astir in the dark flesh of earth
the great memory of all life that has thundered before me
I am the stars reflected, the dust, the water, the rain
Those streaks of light that wound so deep

I am the thirst, my falling leaves playing the scales of universal love
while your willful light dances before me
Deeper my wild roots yearn for your sanctuary
the forests and mountains, the unity

It is the tip-ends of my tenacious roots that beat fiercest
through the wild darkness
to find that rarest and sweetest of water
longing for your love

With this kiss, I transform
With this moment, i now see
The spark of your molecular truth
the elusive spring, the spell you cast on me

As the seismic dance of our hearts, warms to earth's mercurial nature
the inflamed rhythm beats,
the primal pulse, spinning the infinity
selfless eternal wanderlust

Cut me down, I do not care, for I am taken with life,
into the ground I will return to feed another maker
All that remains to be done is to celebrate
This ephemeral brilliance of our fate

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