Tuesday, 3 March 2015


and yet once you have stood in it
and felt it licking on your palate
it has marked your soul forever*

you are a lively bubble trapped inside this crazy globe
a place where discoveries keep unfolding
here i become a time-traveller
where the future, present and past
mesh all together in your
smoky wood and damp clay smells

your elements are throbbing and restless
always ready to orchestrate my visions
you are arresting the way you
chant ripples around the tree trunks
you make me dream fleshier dreams
oh how you incite me to be alive

with your hypnotizing frogs drip drip dripping
their soft bird-like whistles and
the kôk kôk kôk of your redwinged loeries
you pulsate incessantly in the plant
animal and elemental matter
so fierce and so gentle

this sacred pulsing makes me want to break out in song
it makes me humble and invigorated
that i am kin to this pumping life makes me want to weep
weep with the recognition of sharing similarities in
texture, colour, cells, behaviour, flux and mood
you are in me and i am in you

may your soil and dust cling forever to my calves
may your trees keep growing taller
may the stars keep on haunting your dark and silken nights
may the theatre of your clouds and mist never end
may your abundant streams continue to
etch your poetry in the landscape

thank you for your temperament
your wildness and
your strong-willed living force
it is hard to leave this place for here is
the closest I have come 
to glimpse eternity

*quote from a previous poem of mine between the cricket and the silence

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  1. I have been to Hogsback and YES you have captured some of its magic for me. You are a remarkable and gorgeous poetess.