Friday, 13 March 2015

ode to thighs

oh the awe these two marble monuments
awaken in my mind
these two pillars erected in
the name of corporeal strength

what a celebration you are bridging
the magnificent joint of the hip with                       
the ingenuous hinge of the knee

oh Thighs, how the two of you detest non-movement
you itch and stir in great restlessness when
seated in the deadness of a chair
you want to flex and stretch
in your most thrilling power

no other body part can transport me
so confidently through space like you do
in synergy with the calf and foot
you squat, run, walk,
lunge and oh how you can leap and jump!

you give style
and rhythm to my walk
when you’re really at work
strong and fit
you are like claws mincing
the mountains

your quadricipital muscles have names
sounding as glorious as the vigour of you
rectus femoris, vastus medialis,
vastus intermedius and
vastus lateralis
you hold the great femur
longest and strongest bone in the body
and let me not forget the hamstring
 - without its ability to stretch
the beauty of yoga and ballet 
will be impossible

even when you are quiet
you lie in splendid tubular muscularity           
my sweat shines more golden on you
than on any other part of my body
of all the muscles, the thighs are the bells
ringing over the plains of rippling flesh

you have something grand and solid
like a tree
about you
oh you muscle of Thigh
you are such a voluptuously abundant handful
if i had wings they will not be found on my back
they will be growing and stirring from my thighs

pressed tightly together they
form the nook wherein 
i warm my hands on a cold day
the lap whereupon
i place my hands
quiet meditation
focusing my mind

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  1. WHAT A BRILLIANT ODE! great writing Lara - a joy to read your work