Monday, 30 March 2015

nothing will stop the sinking

the despotic goat saunters into the room
and watches the flushed mole investigating
how the steadfast droplets squint their eyes

the hispanic whisper forgets that
the fanatical shuffle exhibits
the herding of such pronounced tintinnabulations

the clinging salt smirks as
the mottled poles scrounge
at the foot of the bleating billboard

the interminable gaping spreads
whilst the precocious nouns blink abnormally
at the sluggish enemy spitting in their eyes

the emphatic interdict pricks
the awkward angle which tries hard to answer
the uproarious crayons’ forgery

the sullen serviette blows its nose
when it hears the aloof crow increasing
its ferocious scraping on the tin roof

the blithe wool predicts
that the metallic offence will scratch our palates
and no pointing to the incandescent cornucopia will help

the murky helter-skelter sounds like
the onomatopoeic waxy scuffles
of the methuselan pen

the enquiring fledgling snugly folds its claws over
the forlorn flaxseed and can not understand
that such a hostile conquest rushes into the photographed future past

not even the stability and weight of a ballast
will stop the sinking of
this fridge and its elliptic magnets

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