Sunday, 1 March 2015

ode to the sigh

oh what a great thing the Sigh is
it is the body's way to find a moment of release
so involuntarily it escapes from the nose
in all manner of sounds and vibrations
buzzing, husky or grating
growling, hoarse or rasping
thick and sometimes sepulchral
it comes out when it needs to

it makes the jaw drop softly
and may be accompanied by a light shake of the head
and a loosening of the cheek muscles
for that quickest moment that a sigh takes
it feels like an eternity of relaxation spreading over my neck
it is as if it does not just come through my nose and mouth
but exudes from my whole body
it is as if my bones also sigh
when i sigh i feel it breathing from the soles of my feet
i feel it pouring from behind my knees
flushing from behind my shoulder blades
spilling from the skin of my tummy

oh Sigh you are the big out-breath
releasing carbon dioxide and bad energy
what an admirable outlet you are of relief
oh Sigh what would i have done without you?

you have a way to take your time
and as much as people try
you can not be cut short or interrupted


it is in our mouths without us waiting for it
always on the ready
it is in between our moods, coughs and words
and oh how opera, the folk and art song simply live for you
not to mention poetry!
it is tightly woven into every emotion
always ripe like a piece of fruit
coming loose from its stem
to fall to the earth


some of the greatest sighs are those after
a good wee
good lovemaking
i feel like i have an abundant supply of
you for any situation
one of you is enough to make an audible impact
enough to alert a whole crowd
yet you can be as whispery as the butterfly's flight
oh can i ever sigh too much?


oh Sigh you make us sound even more human
when life gets tired to live and
the limbs don't want to stand amidst
all the crazy bustle on this planet
we can hide away in the Sigh
with you i don't need words to express
you are the honest expression of
relief, frustration and exhaustion
unhindered channeling of
annoyance, heavy-heartedness and disbelief
you stand ready when we experience impatience or failure
oh Sigh, you just can not lie or be conceited
you are way too unpretentious

how you stir with a slight huskiness in
disappointment, sadness and regret
and your smiling wonderment when i feel exhilaration
oh and how sticky like dark waxy honey you cloy
onto the larynx when i am in a melancholic mood
how light as foam blowing from the crest of waves
in our satiation and satisfaction
you ring out from my glottis
when i am thrilled by the achievement
of reaching the heights of the mountains
here you resonate the longest and most fulfilled

a sneeze one can stop
but just like a shiver, one can not stop a sigh
it overcomes you without notice or warning
on the scale of human expressions
you are three steps above the moan and
two steps below the cry

oh Sigh, be you heavy or celebratory
with you in my jowls i do not have to fear clogging and
blocking up of trapped tension and cornered feelings
because Sigh you are 
the sign that
our bodies and minds
are always searching for equilibrium
and not only we
but the air we breathe

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