Wednesday, 3 June 2015

i the restless one

i the restless one
can not be still for too long
the creative blood beats hard and fast
the driving force in my bones is relentless
i have tasted failure
i have tasted brilliance
i have felt discouraged
i have felt my heart beat at
the pulse of ecstasy
i have reached the highest peaks
i have gone on till my heart aches
and sometimes breaks
i have walked those extra miles
to be sure of reaching exuberance
i have danced till the morning light
i have made love till skin disappears
i have dived into great pools and seen great sights
this restlessness is quivering in my life fibres
insistently enticing my heart and limbs
to itch and keep me motioning forward
all my senses are alert to any signs
that may hold some ingredient of my visions
i listen to the wind
i look into the sun and stars
and i never stop wondering
where the next spark will come from 

i have a fear for stagnation and apathy
i keep on dreaming and scheming
fighting demons that want to pull me down into
a pit of indifference and disillusions

i the restless one do and think
more than one thing at a time
afraid of losing time
i feel the brevity of life so strongly
whilst feeling immortality rattling in my marrow
this push and pull of life keeps tapping on my heart
and enters my dreams at night
keeping me from losing interest

i embrace silence and the peace of doing nothing
but oh my nature is to be out there
to move and leap and fly
i the restless one am addicted to
the pristine heights of the skies
i am not a hoverer or a floater
i am a driven flyer
piercing through the exquisite rush of air
stitching the altitudes together

i the restless one live close to the earth
hear any change of tone in her voice and want
to be part of that which makes her and me happy
it is a difficult striving
but a worthwhile one

because of this passion 
to live real and deep in this one life
i will be restless
how can i rest at ease in a world
which ignites this unquenchable energy
that feeds my hungry heart?

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