Saturday, 20 June 2015

i write fire

when i'm cold i can't think poetically
i simply see the narrow reality of the limits of my body
my mind shrinks into survival

but no I protest!
i will kindle some verse
to heat me in this freezing moment
i won't set my poems alight
paper burns too fast
i will burn the poems 
within my imagination
this incantative spell of letters following each other
will have to flame so hot to make
my heart beat fiercely with that feverish pulse 
to keep my body from succumbing

i have a fear that i will shrivel up
and transmogrify into 
a single shivering pore of gooseflesh

do not let me down, Poetry!
i need you in this cold hour
out on the streets of Cape Town
the sun has set
the shadows lengthen with inclemency

i think fire
i write fire
i breathe fire
this is all i can do to keep the cold
from clawing its way into
the last warm folds of my skin and heart

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