Thursday, 4 June 2015

Vlees - Flesh

my vlees, o my vlees
waarheen lei jy my?
na die lig?
na die donker?
hoe weet ek wat is jou intensies -
jy wat so vry van my leef?

my vlees, o my vlees
ek is nogsteeds nie vry
maar jy is

watter dag gaan dit wees
wat jy my waarlik gaan bevry?

neem my hart
neem my kop
en elke senu-punt
in jou greep
neem my oor
my woord
ten volle


my flesh, oh my flesh
where do you lead me to?
to the light?
to the darkness?
how do I know what are your intentions -
you that live so free from me?

my flesh, oh my flesh
i am still not free
but you are

which day will it be
that you will truly liberate me?

take my heart
take my head
and every nerve-ending
in your grip
take over me
so that 
my word

1 comment:

  1. I have been perusing through your poems, the English ones anyway, and your last words in this one reminded me of my thoughts today on John 1:14, especially the ideas that the divine 'glory' is manifest not by power or fame, but by 'grace and truth.' The truth can be hard and cold without grace, and grace can be emotional fluff without the guidance of truth. They must be wed, and the goal is not philosophical but incarnational---an enfleshment, as it was with the Son of God.

    I write free verse rarely, but I enjoy reading that of others, and had your link on my bookmarks, but just having visited in a long time.

    I put my poems on the ALLPOETRY site. You might like the one I posted today:

    I am the author of MEETING AT THE RIVER-A Tale of Naked Truth, and am about ready to publish another book called "WHO SAID YOU WERE NAKED-Reflections on Body Acceptance. They are basically messages to Christians who need freedom from body shame....