Saturday, 16 April 2011

The First Day

the first day on the bike..
Got 50 km's of the 150 planned in. Just after the infamous suicide
gorge at the Vanstadens bridge I started getting one puncture after
the other. It seems to be the rim of the wheel slicing the tube - due
to overload. I think I have packed average weight - about 12 kg's on
the pannier of the bike and 12 kg's in my backpack. And I am not THAT
heavy, about 55 kg's.. So if anyone have an inkling of why I get these
rim cuts do let me know. Inferior quality tubes ?? Or bad cycling
technique? Mmm. The folks in Kareedouw , my stopover for tonight
salvaged me and my "wreck". Oh kind people to drive all that way to
save a damsel in distress. I must say no distress at all - another
cyclist came past and sat chatting with me till Marten , me host ,
picked me up.
The plan now: to lighten my load and hope for the best.
All in all I think the day turned out ok.. I'm giving a piano and
poetry recital in kareedouw tonight. Would have loved to feel how
150km's of cycling and then performing later the very same day feels
like. 50 is just so little!!
Lara pace yourself!

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