Saturday, 23 April 2011

Heidelberg pub

I'm sitting in the Strafskop pub in Heidelberg. I arrived once again
after dark. Not a very comforting last stretch. A bit of stress to get
to a place of rest.
But now I am here in the pub and I feel so at home. 2 young guys
playing pool, 2 locals drinking one beer after the other and the Lions
and Chiefs running and pushing on a big screen. My first night of not
knowing anyone in town and not having an idea of where I'll lay down
my head for the night..
But soon a hippie-looking chap, Nick left in halftime organising with
an old lady, Joke, for a space for me. Chopchop my restlessness ebbs
away. Nick walks with me to her house, passionately talking about
bio-dynamic farming, his diving days, the gift of the Now, ubuntu and
I have to say this as sweet and corny it might sound like, but each
time I stand infront of friends or strangers sharing a word or
emotion, I feel incredibly gifted.
Even telephone conversations, sms's and facebook messages are beams of
light. Just a I became quite comfy in the Strafskop pub 2 friends I
made at Afrikaburn 2010 phoned me and wanted to know how my trip is
To all out there forming a web of support THANK YOU, you have no idea
how much your interest in what I do and your kind wishes mean to me.
I am a stranger in a strange town, yet I feel like no stranger. Home
is where love is - and I've been enveloped with it from my journey

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