Monday, 25 April 2011

Stof - The primal mud

I am going to perform a poetry movement piece at the Afrikaburn
festival - Clay vitrified / Klei verewig. I originally wrote it to
feature within a sculpture exhibition with works by sculptor Coenie
Strydom. I adapted the piece slightly for Afrikaburn - I am literally
going to be buried in the earth, with appropriate breathing space, and
then do a quasi-paganistic/anamistic dance from the bowels of the
earth, accompanied by the poetic text. The piece is cast in 3 parts -
clay, fire and stone.
The theme of this year's Afrikaburn's fest is Stof - the primal mud.
Thus came the decision to perform this piece, seeing that it feeds
straight from the fabric of the earth.
That is what I have been doing today - rehearsing the piece, in a
secluded woody spot in Swellendam, 5 horses being my audience!
My only concern at the moment is that the soil of the Tankwa Karoo
where Afrikaburn is to be hosted will have a good consistency to be
turned into mud - for my costume need to be clay and mud. I have a
suspicion that the Tankwa soil is more of a dusty, sandy nature..mmm
that might also work, added some water?
One day off the bike is good. My character has grown quite a bit
through my sitting bones in these few days of cyclin' hours. But
enough is enough for now.
Tomorrow I resume the peddling journey again.
The cycle of life knows no rest!

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