Saturday, 23 April 2011

The frequent questions

The 2 most frequent questions I hear along my solo bicycle journey is
why? and are you not afraid?
Many people ask if I cycle for a cause or a fundraiser. No, I don't
cycle for any organisation or money. I cycle because of the sheer
living will inside me. It is a form of celebration after I had an
accident with my bike a year ago and fractured my arm. The arm is
shipshape and strong now, and I feel the best way to reconcile
completely with that trauma is to climb on my bike and celebrate the
healing power of the body and mind.

The route I am following , the N2 and along the coast direction West
is one of the safest parts I have cycled in, so No, I am not afraid of
tsotsis jumping from behind corners and bushes. The route is
frequented by a lot of travellers and it being a holiday season, the
flow of traffic is abundant. There have been so many people offering
me things from curiosity, help, lifts and food. With every day passing
shared with friends' and strangers' good gestures is a day added to
the optimism and hopefulness that can lead this country to a better
place. Still I am cautious and aware. Even more so of silly and mindless
drivers. So far I have kept to my side of the road and believe the
other vehicles will do the same. It would seem that this belief is
naïve, but hey, if one is part of a varied society, one wastes one's
time by fearing other people's skills and motives. Stand up for your
own power of being without always asking if you'll be undermined,
threatened, robbed or intimidated.

I do what I do to meet people and places on another kind of level.
They inspire me and I inspire them.
I do what I do because of a deep faith in my own powers and spirit. I
have had long periods of disillusionment about my being and my career
as an artist. I am stepping on sturdier ground now, and this I
celebrate with every kilometre.

I do what I do because I like moving and challenging boundaries within
myself and within my fellow beings.

I do what I do because I crave the veld, sand and sky around me to
feed me with their life and poetry.

I do what I do because I am a bit of an activist - having strong
feelings against the pollution and destruction of our environment.
Cycling is a small way to support the lowering of the carbon
footprint. And yes, I'm cycling because paying R10 a liter for petrol
is simply CRAZY. And the possible and eco-harming fracking (gas
exploration&mining by SHELL in parts of our Karoo) being hot on the
debate table, I thought why not simply stop using fuel-driven
transport and go for the au naturel way of pumping them peddles(-;

I do what I do because of th einfluence of books that I have read - Cervantes' "Don
Quixote", Kazantsakis' "Zorba the Greek", Kerouac's "On the road" and
"The Dharma Bums". All stories of simple yet richly lived lives. The
protagonists steer away from an established conventionality to follow
a deeper yearning in their souls. Money, status, mindless and
unquestioning living is not the way. The way is the passion, the
heart, the suffering, the joy of this one earthtly life granted.

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  1. ag jirre, mensch, your thoughts are clear, strong en ek voel my so na aan jou sentimente!
    en soos gewwonlik jaloers op jou fisieke aktief-wees.......