Wednesday, 13 April 2011


The poet Ian McCallum wrote a powerful poem UNTAMED that featured in
an exhibition of sculptures by Dylan Lewis. It reads like an anthem
for my journey to and prepping for the Afrikaburn Art festival

Sculpted from ancient rock and stream
there's a dream in me...untamed
Unnamed, it comes alive in my silence
and in the unframed manner of my waiting.
Awake, aware... it is there, coiled
in the folding of my arms, in the holding of my breath and in the deep
wakefulness of my sleep.
A force of fire and clay
It hunts along the edge of play
of hide and seek and turn away.
Body of sand and skin, to know this spoor
Is to know the allure of
A gravid kin -
three months here nine months there...
always expecting and always
the unexpected.

- Ian McCallum

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