Thursday, 14 April 2011

The richness of the gift

If someone has wondered why I am suddenly present in cyberspace, it is
because I received this blackberry as a gift from a friend a week ago.
It came as a big surprise to me. Initially I thought what will I ever
do with a blackberry?? I am not a blackberry "type". Haha! I have a
nokia and it is working quite fine. But no one ever told me that one
will have continuous access to this wizardry of internet-based social
and business communication.
So this blog is dedicated to this special friend. I have had many
people along my nomadic journey gifting me with varied things from new
car tyres, food, books, clothes, free rides, ideas and to faith in
what I do. Yet I must be honest that this brilliant digital machinery
has brought my world to another level.
From the beginning of the year I have started to travel quite
extensively with my bicycle. Somehow my mind AND wallet can not get
around the idea of paying R10 a liter for petrol. And me loving a
challenge and the outdoors so much, jumping on me redframed bike is
the best way to go!
The next following 11 days I will be traveling by bicycle from PE to
Touwsriver from where I'll be aiming for the Afrikaburn festival in
the Tankwa Karoo in the Northern Cape.
What better way to organise one's life than with a BB? I have my
poems, voice recorder, camera,, photos, gmail and blog tucked away in
one awesome piece de resistance fitting ever so lightly in my
On the surface a BB is an object, a materialistic "adornment", but
using it for a wider purpose of organising and optimzing one's life,
it is a wonderful piece of engineering.

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