Saturday, 16 April 2011

Tomorrow is D day

Posted one day later.. My mind was not on me blog.
I'm standing aflustered outside a bustling restaurant in PE, peering
on the cosiness around the tables and beerbottles.
I have taken my bicycle for test ride just to check if all systems run
A man came up to me, breaking my reverie, saying how mischievous I
look. I told him tomorrow I am starting my long trek to the West by
bike. I think that's enough reason to look mischievous!!
Jah, when woman alone peddles her bike over the vlaktes of Afrika,
many people, think you either mad, irresponsible, careless, inviting
danger etc etc...I have been doing a few hundred km's of solo cycling
and people question my motives continuously. Dealing with these
inquisitions is in itself more of a challenge than being out on me
The day has been long and tiring - sitting in a vw golf from east
london to PE. That's another reason I cycle - to avoid the numbness
caused by engine transport - be it by car, bus or train.
On the bike I can not fall asleep. One is awake, aware and pumping
with life. And I think that is sufficient reason for cycling long
haul. And the in touchness with one's self and all those marvelous
empowering stuff!
But nou ja, my right hand is not all too happy with me an mr
blacberi.. Spasmic thumb syndrome creeping alongside the knuckles..
Till the next time... Toodledoo

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