Sunday, 24 April 2011

Blow wind blow

Cycled from Heidelberg to Swellendam today. 50 km's of struggling
against a head-on wind. Toughest day so far. The downhills felt like
uphills, the uphills felt not moving at all. At times I
was going slower than walking speed, thus forcing me off the bike to
actually walk.
What I discovered to help the spirit - play on my hohner melodica
piano. This was a gift last week from Plettenbergbay's beautiful
barefooted guitarist, Johan Rautenbach. What a perfect gift for me!
When the climbs get too rough I take out my melodica piano and treat
myself to some soothing playing. It has 26 tiny keys and it "runs"
with air that you blow into a mouthpiece. It makes the most
melancholic bandoneon/accordeon sound. It delights mine ears and mine
heart. It fits ever so compactly into my pannier bag. The only problem
- I get so caught up by playing it that I lose track of space and
time, forgetting that the road is still long and inclement.
Something interesting I read in the Sunday paper - etv started airing
Naked News. During the late night bulletin the news readers start
undressing till they end up nude. Now I don't know if this is still
April fooling, but I think it's very cool. The world is shaping up!

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