Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My space

It's almost time to go to bed, but I find myself jumping up and down
in exuberance in my livingroom here in Hogsback.
Hogsback is home. Yet I am only here for short stretches of time. This
autumn season it is for 3 nights. The rest of the year I am sharing
the living space of generous family and friends while on tour with my
concerts and other performing and workshopping events.
So here I am dancing, prancing and speaking out aloud in this magic
space of Home. I was preparing some of my performance pieces for
Afrikaburn today and exhilarated in the feeling of this solitude.
As a nomad my body and soul craves for a bit of rooted and private
shelter - shelter where it is only I that have to look after myself.
And that is a good feeling to have at times.
I do enjoy the times I am looked after by warmhearted hosts, but hey,
there is something to say for one's own space of freedom.
And here on the last eve of my stay in Hogsback I can not get enough
of the freedom of movement and voice I have always been able to let
flow here.
That is also possibly why I have become so at home with performing
music and poetry wherever I roam - I have made my home the stage, I
have made the stage my home.
And that is possibly why I have become rather fearless in my range of
expressivity. I have performed in the nude before, and this surely
because I make my Home everywhere I go. I do it without arrogance or
disrespect. And eventually I make the world my home because I trust
that comfort, peace and freedom of expression is to be found in more
places than just between the walls of our homes.

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