Friday, 22 April 2011

The day was long and joyous!

I have arrived after dark at tonight's destination: Stilbaai.
110 km's fed straight into every fibre of my leg muscles today. The
only other times I have cycled so far in a single day was during the
Cape Argus cycle tour and the 94.7 Jhb race in 2005, the difference
today being I did it without 35 000 other enduro junkies and peddling
a load of 15 kg's with me on the bike!
It was quite an experience to push myself today. The first 40 km
stretch from George to Mosselbay was exhilarating, mainly because I
was bypassing the N2 and cycled on the more scenic R102, better known
as the old Mosselbay rd. Expansive farmlands luring one to stop
awhile... Over lunchtime I spent time on the Mosselbay beach,
indulging in chocolate ice cream, suntanning, taking photos and being
swept away by the newfound joys and enticements of facebook.
I started the next 70 km's waaaay after lunch. I lost track of time as
the blackberry was competing with the breathtaking view of the
Outeniqua mountains peering over the Bay.
As dusk was spreading over land and sea the road from Albertinia to
the turnoff to Stilbaai was quite unexpected! I thought Stilbaai's
junction is right outside Albertinia. But no, the garage owner in
Albertinia informed me that it's still 25 km's to go, but don't worry,
the road is level, no hills and dales. I didn't believe him at first,
but as soon as I headed forth my weary legs rejoiced at this flat
stretch. After 5 days of falling and rising roads through the
mountainous garden route, this flatness was quite welcome!
My hostess for tonight, Marina from Stilbaai, was worried about me
cycling in the dark and jumped in her car and picked me up as I was
riding into the 111th km(-;
This Good Friday was really a good one. I am getting strong in the
body and the mind. I am fully living from inside and from out. An
all-rounded consciousness is surfacing and making my spirit and body
talk to each other like good old friends. As I fall asleep they are
still reminiscing about this willful woman and how she drives them

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