Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ride respectfully

I have been travelling on the N2 today - rather nerve wrecking! (I'm
cycling from PE to Cape for the Afrikaburn art festival, for those not
in the know yet)
I'm not a fearful rider, yet it freaks me out how drivers use the
road. I know the tarred roads are first and foremost built for
vehicles with 4 and more wheels. Yet cyclists do use these roads.
Please be aware when driving over yellow lines that there's a
possibility that a cyclist, pedestrian or broken down cars might be
utilising that space on the left of a yellow line.
Today I was cursing and waving the middle finger ferociously at those
vehicles driving over the yellow line justjust slipping behind my back
wheel - at an incredible speed.
I know we use that emergency lane to let faster vehicles pass by. That
is common courtesy. Yet one must use it when utmost necessary and with
Be circumspect and be aware of ALL road users. Respect.

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