Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Poetry Reading by the Ecca Poets

Poetry reading in east london 14 april: THE ECCA POETS invite you to their poetry reading and launch of their newest publication Brood on Thursday, 14 April 2011 18:30 for 19:00 at Wendy's Book Lounge 79 Frere Road, Vincent, East London (inside the yard of Ideal Homes). There are limited space - we advise you to book with either Lara (082 325 4258) or Cornelius 082 494 9055 or email wendysbooklounge@gmail.com.

....more about brood


The 2010 publication of poetry written by the Ecca poets - Brian Walter, Norman Morrissey, Lara Kirsten, Quentin Hogge, Mariss Everitt and Cathal LaganPublished by Ecca (Hogsback) in collaboration with Seaberg
Wordcraft (Port Elizabeth) ISBN 978-0-9814286-0-4.Brood is the 14th book the Ecca poets have brought to publication (September 2010).

The Ecca poets are based in the Eastern Cape and have been publishing their poetry for 22 years and been presenting readings together for 24 years. The publication of their first book arose from the need to have a collection ready to read from at the opening of an exhibition of paintings and sculptures at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival in 1989. Many of the books have since been launched at the Hogsback Spring Festival. From 2009 a significant change in the dynamics of the group took place - Mariss Everitt and Lara Kirsten were the first female poets to join the group! Lara Kirsten is also the first Afrikaans poet to

The Ecca poets read and publish together so as to harness a creative bond they have as friends and colleagues. They also wish to share the beauty and honesty of poetry with a wider audience. The poets are placed from village, town to city - Morrissey and Kirsten in Hogsback, Lagan and Hogge in King William's Town, Everitt in Grahamstown and Walter in Port Elizabeth.

Initially the publication of the Ecca poets' poems were seen as a "workshopping" of work in progress. The intent of the book has now evolved into a more solid platform to launch a well rounded-off and varied collection of poetry.

The title Brood encapsulates varied emotional and image-inspired interpretations - the poems can be regarded as offspring, the writing as a cherishing under the wings and what poets are especially skilled at - moody meditation. Brood is also the Afrikaans word for bread - nourishment and livelihood. The set of
5 Afrikaans poems entitled "Brood" (written by Lara Kirsten) was inspired by the baker, Chris Gladwin of Hogsback.

Brood is a tasty nourishment for the mind and soul and will entertain and intrigue a wide scope of readers.

(copies of "Brood" will also be available at the Hogsback's Visitor's Centre)

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