Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Who wants to know

Who wants to know that I have cycled a 140km's the last 2 days?
Who wants to know that I have had a most glorious time in the
tsitikamma in the company of a cheesemaker and witnessing his
juggleresque making of mozzarella cheese ?
Who wants to know that I am in plett reciting poetry to the strumming
sounds of a beautiful guitar with the full moon glistening on the
indian ocean ?
Who wants to know all this?
Maybe only a handful of you.
For those few and myself I will keep on writing.
This open diary might be taken off facebook. I will have to think of
it, Maggie. Thanks for linking everything, but maybe I should consider
having the blog as a seperate entity, where people who are really
interested can dive in. Mm what do you think?
I've heard Facebookers and tweeters are Generation C - connected, well
versed in current technological trends and gadgets, and wizzy 30
second communication span.
Facebook and twitter is after all a short message channel.. How
vacuous or profound it really is must be determined by the eye of the

1 comment:

  1. I want to know!!! I am loving keeping track of you and I am also posting your travel pics to this blog gallery!

    As facebook is only an extension of this blog- I always know where to catch up- if I am in Facebook or twitter I get drawn back into your blog- so it is working very well. Just forget that you are on FB but keep twittering and blogging - the stream is looking good!!

    Keep save and without punctures.

    Ps it would have been cool to see some piccies of the cheesemaker and his cheese :)