Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Stopping in the Koo to look on the snow mountains!!

I left Montagu early this morning. What beautiful cliffs and crevices of stone.
Today is hellish cold. My fingers and toes are afreeze. As I crossed
the Burgerspas leaving the verdant valley of Montagu, a snowladen
landscape awed the very breath out of my mouth. Now I know why I've
been freezing ! I have peddled from tropic country straight into the
heart of merciless cold!
I am not geared for this kind of weather. I thought if I keep on
cycling, I'll warm up.. Mm no way, it didn't work.
Just now I have stopped at a quaint cafe in the middle of nowhere. I
had to get out of the sleet and wind. The kind owner poured the most
delicious coffee for me. Ah how it made the rest of my way and day
The little coloured boys are playing pool next door, and every so
often hang out on the stoep to come have a look at this frozen crazy
chick typing on her blackberry! Haha., what a picture!
Ha, the sun doing its magic... Let me continue the way to Afrikaburn.
The fervent heart will melt off the edge of this cold. Arrrrrgh.

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